Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Chris Judd

Chris was a professional AFL football player for 14 years before becoming an analyst for a VC fund. He has since operated as a private investor, where he has successfully capitalised on his keen macro insights since 2015.

The Cerutty Macro Fund serves as an extension to the investing framework Chris has been using in a private capacity since 2015.

He served on the Boards of Jaggad between 2016-2019 and Carlton FC between 2017-2021.

Thomas Galanti

Thomas began his career as an Equity Research Analyst in Equity Capital Markets (ECM) at a boutique Investment Bank, shortly before joining Chris as his in-house Analyst. He has since run in-depth equity and industry research for Chris’s portfolio.

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in Economics and Finance from the University of Melbourne.

How We Invest

As information sources around the globe have become more concentrated, we think the breath of consensus views has shrunk. Sitting outside of consensus carries an asymmetric risk for many fiduciaries who face the risk of both financial loss and job risk if a decision proves to be erroneous.

At Cerutty Macro Fund we seek to take the other side of these trends by embracing the risk that opportunities with asymmetric upside potential hold. We’re small enough to get in and out of positions quicker than many of our counterparts and we have our own capital invested reducing the “job risk” part of the equation.

We look for opportunities in long term secular trends which are often known but still underappreciated or the 2nd and 3rd order effects of long-term secular trends which fewer people are talking about.